Soreti Kadir

Soreti Kadir


Soreti Kadir, known also as Hawiine, is a female, Oromo, multidisciplinary creative whose expression includes but is not limited to performance poetry, writing, music, organising and entrepreneurship. Her work draws on the density of her experience to speak to the silences in our collective conversations on freedom, equity, womanhood, injustice and progress. She is passionate about her people, about the global indigenous experience, about seeing the continent of her birth embrace itself, about increasing her own and our awareness on the racial and gender dynamics that hold us back and about every person on this earth knowing of and living through their inherent greatness. Soreti’s artistic and leadership journey has seen her speak, perform, collaborate and lead in a variety of contexts across so-called-australia and the wider world, from the international aid and development industry, grassroots community organising, festivals, conferences, panels and numerous poetry features. 2015 saw the release of her debut book of poetry, Siyaannee, and at the end of 2017 she released Prides Claw, a compilation of musical spoken word poetry. 2018 is to be a year of great expansion, with her second book of poetry, short essays, stories and pros, Prides Paw, to be released and a whole lot more in the way of art and change making. Her deepest desire is to contribute to the process of our world confronting the many wrongs that occupy it and bringing in a restorative process of justice to help us move closer towards peace and equity for all.




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