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Willy Lit Fest 2014 Event Review – The New Romantics Panel – Places in the Heart

the new romantics willy lit fest

I’m not sure if the literary set wants to hear this but the romance genre is keeping the publishing industry alive. The statistics prove it and the feedback from readers prove it. People want books that they can escape into, empathise with and be assured that everything will work out in the end. It’s true!

A panel of published authors consisted of Kate Belle, Jennifer Scoullar, Margareta Osborn and Kathryn Ledson was chaired by Alison Stuart who led discussion ranging from the demonising and trivialising of romance in the media, the rise of rural romance, the changes in heroines/heroes in a modern world, and the broad range of genres within romance now available to readers.

The panel was the most professional and appealing presentation I’d seen at the WLF14 with each author having strong ideas about the genre and publishing in general.

Carol Challis

Session background here.

Photo credit – Paulina Hyrniewiecka.