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Swimming in Ink at Seaworks

Swimming In Ink kicks off the 2015 Williamstown Literary Festival with three fiction writers sharing their thoughts on writing and the sea.

To swim in ink is to write about the magnetic pull of the sea. Fiction writers Favel Parrett,  Enza Gandolfo and Jock Serong will share their thoughts with Williamstown writer, and daily swimmer, Vin Maskell. How does the sea shape the narratives and the characters of these authors’ novels? How does the sea shape the rhythms and the tensions of their novels?

Favel Parrett is the acclaimed author of Past The Shallows. Shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Award in 2012, Past The Shallows is set on Tasmania’s south east-coast. Parrett’s second novel, the quietly moving When The Night Comes, is set in Hobart and the Antarctic.

Enza Gandolfo is the author of the 2009 novel Swimming , a tender story of loss, friendship, creativity and swimming. It is set in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Enza is a lecturer in professional writing at Victoria University.

Jock Serong is the author of the 2014 novel Quota, a murder mystery set in a remote town on Victoria’s west coast. He is also editor of Great Ocean Quarterly, a sumptuous magazine inspired by and dedicated to arts, ideas and the sea.

Join us in this celebration of swimming and the sea on Friday 12 June, from 7.30pm – 9.30pm at the stunning maritime precinct at Seaworks, 82 Nelson Place, Williamstown.

Tickets: full $25, concession $22, early bird $20