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Why I’m Going to Stuart Kells at the Willy Lit Fest 2015

Here’s why Angela Altair, a founding member and President of the Willy Lit Fest is going to see Stuart Kells.

I’m an avid interwar Boys and Girls’ Annuals collector. So I can’t wait to take one of my prized possessions to Stuart Kells’ session on Antiquarian book-collecting. It’s a 1940 Chums: packed with tales of derring-do and laced with thrilling adventures of brave Brits conquering ‘ruffians’ and savages.  

There’s even a songbook with words and music for Rule Britannia! What else? I bought it from a musty second-hand bookstore on Hobart’s Salamanca Place 36 years ago for $20. It’s in mint condition. And certainly NOT FOR SALE! 

Experts like Stuart believe book-collecting will increase in value as we switch to digital reading.   So join me at 10.30am on Sunday morning and bring along any treasures for a valuation and just to share with fellow bibliophiles.  Who knows?  You may be hiding your own ‘Rothschild’, the $15million medieval manuscript donated to the National Library, on some dusty back shelf ! 

All tickets $5. 

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