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The Long Road from a Broken Heart at Willy Lit Fest 2015


Jeremy Scott

Prof. Chris Ringrose, a treasured Willy Lit Fest Committee Member, writes about Jeremy Scott’s first book:

“I could say many things about Jeremy Scott’s magnificent book The Long Road from a Broken Heart. I defy anyone to have it in their living room without turning some pages each day to immerse themselves in the wonderful wide photographs.

And the photographs draw one into the text, made up of Jeremy’s down-to-earth, modest, observant writing about places and people on his 52,000 km bike ride. I liked the guy. I liked his voice. His book’s all about scale: big world, big landscapes, small bike — not too different from the one in your garage (apart from the big panniers). An epic journey, but undertaken a day at a time.

So many countries. But I keep returning to his pages on Iran, for the stories of the vitality and hospitality of ordinary Iranians he met. (They even washed his socks for him.) But also for the desperate, lonely sense of threat when he fell among thieves, and was lucky to escape alive, back out into the Iranian desert landscape that’s captured in his photos.

The book is so sane, but a little bit mad at the same time. I liked that, too.”

Here’s a video taster from Jeremy Scott. You can meet Jeremy and hear him talk in Words on Wheels on Saturday 13 June, 3.30-4.30. He’ll be joined by Randall Stephens , a performance poet who cycles and also completed an epic bike ride from Perth to Melbourne.

Tickets $15, concession $12.