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Stereo Stories at Willy Lit Fest 2015 – A Knock Out! – Review

More than a 140 Willy Lit Fest fans thoroughly enjoyed Stereo Stories in concert in the grand Williamstown Town Hall on Saturday 13 June. The audience was moved to laughter, tears and, possibly, wonderment, as they listened to stories inspired by songs such as Jackson, Before Too Long, State Trooper, Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?, Senses Working Overtime, and others. As the stories were told by the writers, the band weaved the music through the narratives. The compelling combination of story and song was directed and hosted by Williamstown writer Vin Maskell, founding editor of 

All up, there were ten Stereo Stories, three bonus solo tracks, a short acapella tribute to the late great Joan Kirner and a finale with the band romping through Burning Love, Who Do You Love?, The Nips Are Getting Bigger, What’s Going On? and more. The Stereo Stories band featured a cast of thousands: Lucia Nardo, Rijn Collins, Zoe Krupka, Salvatore Romita, Nick Gadd, Peter Maskell, Hugh Jones, Jack Gramski, Anthony Shortte, Ian Carpenter, Darren ‘Smokie’ Dawson, Rick Kane, Reuben Maskell  and Stephen Andrew.

 The dance floor quickly filled during the band’s finale, and then piano accordionist Salvatore Romita, a sprightly 89 years old, serenaded his fans into the night.

 Lots of photos from Megan Fell at:

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