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Words on Wheels at Willy Lit Fest 2015 – Review



Jeremy Scott and Randall Stephens proved that not only can they undertake marathon cycle journeys, and write about them – they can also talk up a storm. They brought along their trusty bikes, still bearing dust from Iranian deserts (or from the streets of Brunswick and Spotswood?) and enthralled an audience in the Library Gallery with tales of chivalrous strangers on the Nullarbor, amazingly hospitable Iranians, and close scrapes with soldiers and bears.

A sequence of glorious photographs appeared on the screen behind them as they read and talked about their books The Long Road from a Broken Heart and One for the Road. It was a nice contrast in styles, too, with Randall performing his impassioned poems by heart, and Jeremy voicing a series of vivid traveller’s tales (as if on cue, the Iranian family who had cared for him appeared on the screen as he described them).

We were all delighted when it was revealed that two other cyclists, whom Jeremy had met “in the middle of nowhere” in his journey, were actually in the audience! Our thanks to Jeremy and Randall for sharing words on wheels with us!


Chris Ringrose

Photos: Anthony McKee