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The Footpath Library at Willy Lit Fest 2015 – Review

the footpath library willy lit fest 2015

Photo – Jenny Bates

I love Richard Piper and I was delighted to be able to announce it to the audience (and my husband) when I had the pleasure of introducing The Footpath Library in The Chamber on Sunday afternoon.  What a lovely session this was.  Raj Sidhu began by explaining the work of The Footpath Library which provides books to homeless people.  They are supported in that work by the cream of Australia’s acting talent, five of whom entertained us by reading poems, short stories or passages from their favourite books.  All of their choices were eclectic and engaging.

Rhys Muldoon began by reading two of his own stories including a gripping tale of a near death by drowning experience which managed to be amusing and terrifying at the same time.  Belinda McClory followed with a beautifully written passage from Michael Ondaatje’s In the Skin of a Lion. Then it was Richard’s turn to amuse us with the tale of Ambrose the Pig from Flann O’Brien’s The Poor Mouth.   Louise Siversen chose two poems from The Last Night of the Earth Poems by Charles Bukowski including the very appropriate So you want to be a writer?  And finally we had some Dylan Thomas, read to us by Rod Mullinar in a liquid velvet voice that had us all swooning. A delicious treat which we hope to present again in 2016.

Barbara Hughes

Rhys Muldoon Willy Lit Fest 2015