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Belinda Roxy Guarnaccia – 2014 People’s Choice Awards Poetry Winner

Belinda Roxy Guarnaccia was the winner of  the People’s Choice Poetry award in 2014.

“I have always loved poetry and writing poetry. The poem I wrote and entered into the Williamstown Literary Festival 2014 People’s Choice awards, was called Tell Them. It’s about learning to express our emotions and letting our loved ones know exactly how we feel about them, and not holding back. 

It was an honour to participate in the Williamstown Literary Festival 2014 and I was very happy to receive the People’s Choice award for my poem which means a lot to me”.

We are looking for local writers from the western suburbs to enter the People’s Choice Awards in 2016 and read a piece of poetry or prose (no longer than four minutes) which they have written. At the end, the audience votes on whose work they enjoyed the most — who is the most interesting/entertaining/talented?

We’d love you to enter the People’s Choice Awards in 2016 – registrations close on Sunday 12 June.