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Countdown to Willy Lit Fest 2016 with Shakespeare

Happy 450th Birthday to Shakespeare!

Do you know the fifty everyday words and phrases we use that were penned by Shakespeare?

Although language is constantly changing, many phrases have endured. Here is a note on waiting with a little help from William Shakespeare:

Waiting for Willy Lit fest 2016

As we wait ‘with bated breath’ for the Willy Lit Fest, we know there is no such thing as ‘too much of a good thing’; especially when it comes to listening to our favourite authors speak.

It is our ‘addiction’ to their craft which we want to learn more of …’such stuff as dreams are made on’.

Our festival is not for the ‘faint-hearted’ and we promise you will be ‘bedazzled’ by our ‘fashionable’ array. We will plan our weekend well and come 18 June when modern-day bards take the stage, we will ‘not slept one wink’, for ‘the world’s mine oyster’ and so it shall be at #WillyLitFest2016.

Tickets for our very own word celebration, Willy Lit Fest 2016 go on sale Thursday 5 May.