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Congratulations – Ada Cambridge shortlist 2016

We’re so thrilled to announce the following writers who have made it onto the Ada Cambridge shortlist for 2016. A huge congratulations to them all and our thanks to everyone who entered.

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The Ada Cambridge Prose Prize 2016

Anna Brasier is a Melbourne writer and editor. Anna is Editor-in-Chief for Hyde, Victoria University’s student magazine. Her stories have been published in The Ada Cambridge anthologies, The Victorian Writer, Melbourne’s Child and Offset no.13. Anna was also part of the 2015 Emerging Writers Festival, ‘Letters to the West’ program.

Melanie Cheng is a writer of fiction and non-fiction. When not writing she works as a GP in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Meanjin, Overland, the Griffith Review, Sleepers Almanac and Seizure, among others. She is working on a short story collection. 

Rose Damon is a freelancer in the film and TV industry who lives with her partner in beautiful Altona. “The Line” is her first short story in nine years. Rose is looking forward to adapting it as a short film and developing her skills further as a writer and filmmaker.

Annie Forbes is a puppeteer and dramatist from Seddon. Her productions have been performed throughout Australia and New Zealand and she has had numerous articles and essays published in academic journals and in two world encyclopaedias. She is currently attending a creative writing course at RMIT while attempting her first novel.

Jacqui Horwood is a librarian and fiction writer who lives in Seddon with her partner and two children. She has a Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing and is a National Co-convenor with Sisters in Crime Australia. Her short stories have been published in crime related ezines and anthologies.

Olga Pavlinova Olenich lives in Seddon. She is a widely-published writer whose work appears in local and international publications. Her work has been broadcast on national radio and has featured in national newspapers. She is represented in the collections Best Australian Humorous Writing (2008) and Best Australian Poems 2015.

Fikret Pajalic came to Melbourne as a refugee and learnt English in his mid-twenties. His fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in USA journals Hotel Amerika, Minnesota Review, Wisconsin Review, Antipodes, Fjords Review, Sheepshead Review and in Australia in Meanjin, Overland, Southerly, Westerly, Etchings, Sleepers, The Big Issue and elsewhere.

Alex Stark is a fiction writer from Melbourne who studies creative writing and literature at Swinburne University. In addition to her online content, Alex’s work has appeared in university magazines The Swine and The Burn. She is currently working on the first book of a young adult modern fantasy series.

Christina Thorpe is a 19-year-old student who balances her interest in science with a love of the arts. “Blanche” is her first published piece. 

Melinda Woledge is a fiction writer, journalist and editor from Newport. Melinda holds a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) from RMIT and writes both short and long-form fiction.

The Ada Cambridge Poetry Prize 2016

Cassandra Atherton is a poet and scholar from Moonee Ponds.  Her most recent books of poetry are Trace, with artist Phil Day (Finlay Lloyd, 2015) and Exhumed (Grand Parade Poets, 2015).

Frank Corso Frank Corso is a poet from Sydenham. He has had success in the Brimbank Writers and Readers Festival in the Adult Poetry Category, where his poems have been awarded first place in 2015 and 2010, second place in 2009 and third place in 2011.

Hayley Franklin is a writer and filmmaker from Melbourne’s outer suburbs. Her work has appeared in publications such as Farrago and Judy’s Punch, and online platforms including Phantasmagoria. She is completing an Arts degree, majoring in Creative Writing, at The University of Melbourne and is working on her second short film. 

Nola Frawley is a sociologist who writes poetry, memoir and short story. She lives in Moonee Ponds and is a fourth generation refugee from the Irish famine. Her poem “On the Tram” was shortlisted in the 2013 Ada Cambridge Poetry competition and her short story “On My Travels” won the Moreland City Libraries short story competition in 2015. Nola took early retirement in 1996 and now constructs herself as a writer; she finds that attends writing groups encourages her writing.

Bea Jones has been writing poetry since the late 1980s and was very active for over a decade in open mic readings, spoken word events and high school performance. Her work has appeared in various anthologies. She says: “I am constantly writing – -words with a rhythm or syntax that can find their way unexpectedly into a poem or song.”

Suzi Mezei is a Melbourne writer who has worked in the West for many years. Her writing is influenced by her experience of the Western suburbs. She is most interested in animal rights, social justice, feminism and the environment. Her work has appeared in several publications and she continues to work on a series of short plays and a volume of poetry. She loves good films, books and dogs.

Lidia Ostepeev lives in Sunshine and writes mostly about Bollywood films. Her articles have appeared in Australian magazines and international journals. She enjoys reciting her poems ‘by the fireside’ at community gatherings in the town of Greendale near Ballarat.

Catherine Ryan does not write poetry. This is it. Her first and last — et voilà! Just goes to show that everyone is a poet. She is a teacher librarian who dabbles in writing prose and once listened to Angela Altair when she was talking about running a literary festival. That is another story.

Claire Saxby writes fiction, non-fiction and poetry. She has published poetry, picture books and chapter books, short stories and articles. Her poetry appears in magazines, anthologies, on train walls and in museum resources. Claire lives in Newport, near Newport Lakes Park – one of the best kept secrets in the west.

The Young Adas Short Story Prize 2016

Mikayla Barnes is a young Australian writer who enjoys writing short stories about issues that are important to her. Her evocative short stories engage readers and communicate her messages about these issues. In 2015, Mikayla received an award for a short story in the Aitken College Dunhelen Writing Awards.

Nelly Bowyer is an aspiring author from Williamstown. She has had a short story published in the Bluelight Magazine Winter Edition 2015. Nelly has been writing since she was eight, but this is the first competition she has entered.

Ruby Carmody is currently 17 and completing Year 12. She aspires to study creative writing at a tertiary level and hopes to pursue a career in the field. Young adult fantasy and science fiction interests her most, and she enjoys both reading and writing in these genres. 

Bill Gultiano is a fiction and non-fiction writer from Hoppers Crossing. He entered the Young Adas for fun, because of his interest in writing stories. It was exciting to be shortlisted with “The Local Café”, his first entry in a story writing competition.

Shona Louis is a fiction writer from Williamstown. She is a past winner in both the poetry and short story categories of the Hobsons Bay Summer Writing Competition. She is currently studying Literature at Monash University and working on an anthology of short stories.

Annalee Ramsay is a fiction writer from Werribee. Her work has appeared online but this writing competition is the first she has entered. She is currently studying Year 10 at MacKillop College Werribee, and has an interest in English literature and a passion for creative writing.

Ebony Sweet is a 15 year-old high school student from Werribee. She has two older brothers named Zealande and Levis. She says: “For me, writing can be quite difficult at times, though when I have a real interest in what I’m writing, I become very passionate about it. I hope you enjoy ‘Fear’”.

Courtney Uzzell is a Year 10 student at Mackillop College Werribee, where she enjoys sports such as netball. “Why I Ran Away” is her first successful and published and piece of writing. She was surprised as well as delighted to receive an email saying that her story had been shortlisted.

Alysha Yacono is an aspiring young fiction writer from Altona. She has a passion for the written word and has ambitious goals of producing a published short story anthology later in life. Her work has been entered in various competitions, including the 2015 Hobson’s Bay Summer Writing Competition, which she won with her short story “A Sweet Sillage”.

Hongran Yu is a Year 12 student studying at Suzanne Cory High School. She enjoys reading novels and short stories in both Chinese and English, and has published a novel and several short stories in Chinese online. She keeps an archive of her short stories on her blog and has entered multiple writing competitions. She is an aspiring programmer and would like to become a software engineer after she graduates.

The Young Adas Graphic Short Story Prize 2016

Hudson Jones is 16 and turned to drawing after a non-existent tragic event destroyed his ability to actually spell anything right. Auto correct is his best friend. Hobbies: not many. He says: “May the VCE gods that be have mercy on my score when the year 12 Apocalypse comes”.

Parminder Kaur is a fiction enthusiast living in Derrimut, Melbourne. She is 15 years of age and enjoys designing and writing graphic short stories of all types. Her main topics of interest include surrealism, and narrating stories about animals with interesting personalities.

Michelle Keating is an aspiring student writer, bookworm and passionate Beatlemaniac. With several poetry awards under her belt, she is currently engaged on writing her second novel. While balancing her strenuous academic life, in her spare time Michelle is also a devoted actor and musician.

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