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How do we go on living when our lives fall? – Olga Lorenzo

Olga Lorenzo Willy Lit Fest

A little girl disappears in the wilderness. Two years later her mother is arrested for her murder. A provocative and unflinching literary novel of love, guilt and grief set against the wilderness of the Australian coast.

“She says this, but she knows no words can hold this daughter’s attention. In fact, Aida isn’t listening. She’s clutching Sealy to her chest, the ragged toy’s long ribbon dragging behind her like a tail. She is darting forward, her sneakers pounding the path, increasing the distance between herself and her mother.”

Seconds; maybe only one. That’s all it takes for our lives to tumble. When it happens publicly, forever, is how long observers remember what they think they know.

Olga Lorenzo’s The Light on the Water traces Anne Baxter’s life in the two years following her daughter, Aida’s, disappearance. A gripping examination of the response of family, friends, former colleagues, neighbours and the media’s role in society’s reaction, the novel raises questions about how we react to headlines and the judgments we make.

How do we go on living when our lives fall?

Join Lucia Nardo in a sure to be fascinating conversation as she chats with author Olga Lorenzo about her latest novel, The Light on the Water. Tickets and more information.