Throwback Thursday - The Fighter: A True Story - Arnold Zable


Throwback Thursday – The Fighter: A True Story – Arnold Zable

The Fighter: A True Story. Arnold Zable in conversation with Donna Ward – Session Mini Review

What a pleasure to hear Arnold Zable introducing his most recent book, a biography of Henry Nissen, former champion boxer, current dockworker and champion of the poor and dispossessed of the Melbourne streets.

The sympathy and generosity of spirit that shines through all that Arnold writes was abundantly present in this session.

He took us through the ways in which he has shaped Nissen’s story in order to explore the often-surprising connections between the world of boxing, a childhood dominated by a mother’s acute mental illness, the powerful community bonds of a backstreet 1960s Carlton neighbourhood, and much more.

It was an intriguing and moving session, marked by the warmth and respect Arnold Zable shows not only to his subjects but to the audience he engages in conversation.



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