Siren's Call - Yvette Wroby

Siren’s Call is a love story about family and footy and those things that bring us all together.

Siren’s Call – Yvette Wroby at Willy Lit Fest 2017

We’re delighted to have Yvette Wroby joining us for the first time at Williamstown Literary Festival and congratulate her on the publication of her first book! You can hear Yvette chat with John Harms and Kerrie Soraghan (The Mighty West) on Saturday 17th June at 10.30am to 11.30am when they talk Living Footy.

John Harms at the Footy Almanac writes about Yvette’s book –

“It is with great pleasure that I announce the publication of Yvette Wroby’s first book, Siren’s Call. Yvette is a great friend of the Almanac and Malarkey Publications is proud to have worked so closely with Yvette to develop her story into such a heart-warming book. It is so beautifully Yvette.

About the book:

Siren’s Call is a tale of Yvette Wroby’s two families: the family she was born into and the family that is the St Kilda Football Club. It’s a story about the bond between Yvette and her mother Elfie, and a wider tale of how her mother’s and father’s families survived the Second World War to make a rich, fulfilling life in Australia; of how Yvette’s many aunts and uncles and siblings made her who she is today. It’s also a story about stories – of how people in all walks of life across Australia came to cherish the red, white and black of the St Kilda Football Club, or other clubs, and of what life circumstances brought them to their football team.

Yvette spends a year of weekends travelling the country to discover what has pulled her into that community, but returns to her Mum during the week to sustain her through her cancer treatments. In Yvette’s busy life she handles the day-to-day responsibilities of caring for her older children, her relatives and her community.

Siren’s Call is a love story about family and footy and those things that bring us all together.”

The promise of Yvette sharing a fabulous family chicken soup recipe has all the Willy Lit Fest team hankering to hear more from Yvette! We love this from John Butler’s review of Yvette’s book –

“By pursuing what interests her, and always being willing to ask why, Yvette Wroby leads us through an often deeply personal exploration of both family and football. You will gain insights into AFL players and fans, you will encounter St Kilda Sharks notables before the AFLW made them household names, you will sample every football state, and get a strong sense of how men and women appreciate the game in their own distinct ways. And you will even end up with a killer recipe for chicken soup.”


More about the Living Footy session here. Tickets on sale now.

To read more about Yvette visit her site.