Finding Sanity

Interviewer insights from Lucia Nardo

Five Questions with Lucia Nardo – WLF 2017

Program Director, Loraine Callow asks Lucia Nardo five questions about her forthcoming session at Willy Lit 2017. Lucia will interview authors of Finding Sanity – John Cade, lithium and the taming of bipolar disorder, Anne Westmore and Greg de Moore on Saturday 17 June at 3.30pm to 4.30pm

1. Lucia, what fascinated you about Finding Sanity – John Cade, lithium and the taming of bipolar disorder?

I came across and caught the tail end of a radio interview with Greg de Moore. Listening to the energy with which he spoke about John Cade and his work, was enough to send me in search of the book. It turned out to be a page turner.

2. What do you think it is about this book that makes it so very readable?

I was drawn in by the weaving of biography, history, and the tension brought by the mystery and adventure that formed part of John Cade’s search for answers. Whether the readership is those with bipolar disorder, their families, friends of simply those curious to know, this book has something for everyone.

3. What are you hoping to explore and discover with the authors, Anne Westmore and Greg de Moore?

To give the audience a sense of what attracted Greg and Anne to this particular story, how people with mental illness were treated in the past, the status of psychiatry at that time, and what might be some of the future development in mental health treatment and research. Of course, we’ll be answering questions raised by our audience, too!

4. How much did you know about John Cade before you read this book?

Having worked in as a psychiatric social worker, I knew of John Cade and his discovery but was unaware of how rich the story behind his life and discovery was.

5. What are you hoping people will leave the session with?

Firstly, an appreciation for what this extraordinary man did for psychiatry in developing a treatment that continues to help so many people today. Secondly, a better understanding of what people with bipolar disorder experience, and what their families go through. Thirdly, a sense of hope for continued future treatments and support for people with mental illness.

Thanks Lucia. More information and tickets here.