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We Love Learning – Willy Lit Fest 2017

Workshops, information sessions and discussions on the craft of writing and storytelling have always been a feature of the Willy Lit Fest program. This year we have a great menu of workshops and sessions and as spaces are limited to provide for interaction and instruction, they are sure to sell out quickly. Hop in and book tickets, brush up your skills with experienced authors and facilitators who will share their knowledge and years of experience. Sessions range from two hour, in-depth workshops, intensive one hour sessions, and discussions with time for questions so you leave with the information you need!

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Pathways to Writing – with Sherryl Clarke and Enza Gandolfo – BOOKED OUT

Stephen King says of writing, “What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” Writing courses make a great starting point, but what more does a writer need to know? Join Sherryl Clark and Enza Gandolfo for a lively and informative discussion about courses, groups, competitions and publishing. We’ll discuss the “myth” of talent, the role of discipline and motivation, what a writing course offers, how writing groups work (or don’t) and getting published. Plenty of time, too, for questions and answers.

Proudly supported by Victoria University

The Original Food for Thought – Discussion with Rowena Gray and Anne Hollis

How does an impassioned, determined health professional, who is not a professional writer, pen an engaging and informative self-help book for the wider community? Hear Rowena Gray and her co-author (and mother) Anne Hillis discuss the challenges of turning their expertise and passion for their subject into a book that had to find just the right balance between sharing professional knowledge and engaging with a diverse readership on a subject fraught with emotion and opinion – breastfeeding.

Born to Breastfeed has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from health professionals and new mums, and has become ‘recommended reading’ with Childbirth Educators around Australia. The foreword, by dietitian Dr Joanna McMillan, predicts it will become “the feeding bible for all new mothers”.

Behind this positive response, however, lies an instructive writing and editing challenge for everyone with a story to tell or knowledge to share. Facilitated by author Brad Collis.

Ticket Prices:  Full $15 | Conc $12   Saturday 17 June 12.00 – 1.00pm Book now.

Writing Your Children’s Stories with Georgina Adamson

A workshop for parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles who would like to learn about writing stories based on their interactions with their children. A fun, very rewarding and easy process which brings great joy to both children and adults. Georgina Adamson began writing for her grandchildren when she became a ‘Nonna’. Children love to hear stories written for and about them. She will share her experiences and offer practical advice and information about the writing and production process, how to get started and how to publish your work. There will be homework!

Ticket Prices: Full $20 |Conc $17   Saturday 17 June 2.00pm – 3.00pm Book now.

Helga and May Discover the Magic of Colour – Colour Workshop – For Children

A hands-on, fun workshop discovering the magic of colour mixing. The children’s picture book Helga and May Discover the Magic of Colour, created by the kids are raw talent team, is used as a reference.

The workshop is designed to introduce the primary colours and how to make secondary colours by mixing together certain colour combinations.The kids are raw talent program was designed by Suellen Stubbs, an artist and preschool director, and Catherine Anicic, an artist with a fine art degree, as a tool to help adults and children understand the basic principles of fine art, especially drawing and painting.

The children’s book Helga and May Discover the Magic of Colour was written as a tool for educators to introduce the colour mixing theory. It is written in rhyme and uses the words that children are learning at school, making it a great resource for children who want to read for themselves.

Ticket Prices:  All tickets $10  This workshop for children is on twice: Saturday 17 June 2.00pm to 3.30pm and Sunday 18 June 2.00pm to 3.30pm. Book now.

The Writer’s Journal with Anna Brasier

A journal is a great way to gather your thoughts and keep a collection of inspirations for your writing. From the blank page to inspiration, Anna Brasier will give you tips on how to nurture your creative seeds in this mini workshop on how to keep a writer’s journal. Notebooks will be provided to all participants.

Ticket Prices: Full $20 | Conc $17   Saturday 17 June 3.30pm – 4.30pm Book now.

So You Have an Idea for a Book…Now What? with Writers Victoria

You have an idea for a book. So how do you get started putting words to paper? How do you keep going? How many drafts should you write? Maybe you’ve started, or even finished, a first draft. Now how do you structure it? How best to tell the story? And how important is voice, characterisation and pace? Then once it’s finished, what next? Should you self-publish or approach agents or even go straight to publishers? Do you need an agent? And what’s the best way to get a book deal with a publisher? And what support is available for writers? All these questions and more about fiction, non-fiction and poetry writing will be answered by the team from Writers Victoria.

Ticket Prices: Full $15 | Conc $12   Saturday 17 June 3.30pm – 4.30pm Book now.

Insider Tips For the Children’s Writer with Claire Saxby and Sue Lawson

Kids are all the same, right?

Sue Lawson and Claire Saxby are award-winning authors of books for young people. Although they both write books for young people, they are not writing for a single audience. Write for adults and you can assume all your readers are adults. Write for ‘young people’ and you may be writing for infants, young adults or a whole range of in-betweens!

Join Claire and Sue for a discussion about writing for young people, matching stories with readers, how to decide what age you are writing for and why all of that matters. Learn about ACARA, development and emotional intelligence, and unravel the terms PB, JR, MG and YA. This session will include insights about story word counts, genre writing, and why publishers say they don’t want rhyme but keep on publishing it anyway.

Ticket Prices:  Full $20 | Conc $17   Sunday 18 June 10.30am – 11.30am Book now.

Interviewing Techniques for Memoir and Family History with Anna Brasier

Everyone has a story to tell, we just need to ask the right questions. In this workshop Anna Brasier will show you how to plan, prepare and conduct an interview; gather your facts, and create the story. Participants will research, prepare and plan an interview, create a question portfolio, practice skills through role play, and gain the confidence to conduct interviews. Suitable for writers of all levels.

Ticket Prices: Full $35 | Conc $32   Sunday 18 June 10.30am – 12.30pm Book now.

The Editing Hat – Why Editing Is So Important for Good Writing with Jenny Ackland

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction – short or long – all writing can be improved by editing. In this workshop you will learn helpful and practical editing tips that can improve your work.

What makes prose strong and compelling? Why do many professional writers believe ‘all writing is rewriting’ and that drafting is essential? What are the actual stages of the editing process? These are the questions that many writers have, especially when they are starting out or becoming more serious about their work, especially with a view to publication.

With her second novel due to be released by Allen & Unwin in early 2018, Melbourne writer Jenny Ackland has current experience and insight into working closely with editors at a traditional publishing house. This is a workshop for writers who want to improve their work. Whether intending to self-publish, seek a literary agent or a book contract with a traditional publisher, participants will learn how editing can strengthen a piece of writing.

The session will cover what to look for when revising a work in progress, how to ‘switch hats’ and gain distance from the writing to better self-edit the work; also how to develop important self-editing skills, the stages of producing a work in manuscript, what publishers look for in submissions, useful reference book titles, links to online help and how to go about engaging a professional editor to help with submissions. Suitable for beginner to intermediate writers.

Ticket Prices:  Full $35 | Conc $32   Sunday 18 June 12.00pm to 2.00pm Book now.

Grow a Poem with Sherryl Clark

Grow a poem (or ten) in your classroom.  Studies show that poetry stimulates language use in the classroom like no other activity. Reading and writing poems gives students the gift of imagery and metaphor, promotes confidence, and brings language to their fingertips. Great poems and simple exercises that can be completed in a short time excite and inspire.

In this two hour session teacher and award winning author Sherryl Clark will introduce you to helpful poetry resources, provide you with a range of starting points and more advanced options, This professional development opportunity is designed for both primary and secondary teachers and anyone wanting to encourage poetry writing and reading in young people.

Proudly supported by Victoria University.

Ticket Prices:  Full $35 | Conc $32   Sunday 18 June 3.30pm to 5.30pm Book now.