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Festival Updates – SOLD OUT

The sessions below have sold out. There’s plenty more on offer – check the program! And if you want to see a particular author don’t forget you can see all their sessions on their bio pages. Online tickets can be purchased up to 2 hours before each session, you can purchase tickets at the festival over the weekend.

Pana Chocolate – Cancelled

Andy Griffiths – Sold Out!

Pathways to Writing – Sold Out!

Before There Were Books, There Were Storytellers – SOLD OUT

The Wayward Witch and The Feelings Monster with Sally Rippin- SOLD OUT

Beyond the Bestseller – Markus Zusak and Andy Griffiths – SOLD OUT!

The Editing Hat – Why Editing Is So Important for Good Writing – Jenny Ackland – SOLD OUT!

We’re All Going to Die – Leah Kaminsky – SOLD OUT!

Untold Stories – The Lives of Judith Wright and Dymphna Clark – SOLD OUT!

The Writer’s Journal – Anna Brasier – SOLD OUT!

So You Have an Idea for a Book…Now What? – SOLD OUT!

Interviewing Techniques for Memoir and Family History – Anna Brasier – SOLD OUT!