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An enchanting exploration of Australian literature with Bruno Lettieri

Bruno speaks with Il Globo newspaper —

“I invited writers to come and speak to my students because I was trying to engage them in telling their own stories and having a go at some of these things too,” Bruno said.

The innovative idea to welcome writers into the classroom led to the conception of Rotunda in the West: Conversations with Australian Writers.

The initiative was a series of intimate discussions with Australian writers, hosted by Victoria University but open to the wider community.

“We started with writers like Martin Flanagan from The Age because I loved how he captured football and family life,” Bruno said.

The conversations became a monthly affair and continued for around seven years.

They also launched Bruno onto the literary scene as a remarkable interviewer.

We’re delighted Bruno is joining us across three events, The Poetry Bus to Mystery Places, Alice Pung on John Marsden, A Curious Mind with Greg Baum.

Read the entire interview at Il Globo. Story by Laura Egan.