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Ada Cambridge Prizes for 2018

We’re thrilled to announce the results of the Ada Cambridge Prizes for 2018. We’re particularly delighted that Catherine Ryan is among the short-listed authors for the Ada Cambridge Biographical Prose Prize. Fifteen years ago, Catherine and Willy Lit Fest President Angela Altair chatted over coffee and the Willy Lit Fest was born. From little things…

The Ada Cambridge Biographical Prose Prize 2018

First Prize – Anne Richardson for Queen of Hearts
Runner-up – Anneliese Rosenmayer for The Embers of the Heart
Highly commended – Anne Brinsden for Motherless Guns
Commended – Suzi Mezei for Hunger and Richenda Rudman for Rules for Birds’ Nests
Stephanie Dragone for Two Bottles of Coca Cola
Karen Joy for Those Halcyon Days
Binh Pham for The Orphanage
Catherine Ryan for The Chimney Sweep
Jean Thornton for Certified Copy

The Ada Cambridge Poetry Prize 2018

First Prize – Helen Bradwell for New Year in Esperance
Runner-up – Suzi Mezei for Sabeel’s Niqab
Highly commended – Anna Fern for on that last walk with my father
Commended – Kathy Sinclair for Saudade and Debi Hamilton for On Making the Bed After You’d Gone
Katrina Buttigieg for Urban Inanity
Anna Fern for I Hold Their Words
Richenda Rudman for Words Left
Kathy Sinclair for After an Ocular Migraine
Lidia Ostepeev for Adagio

The Young Adas Short Story Prize 2018

First Prize – Catherine Ta for Lina
Runner-up – Elise Ho for Spare Batteries
Highly commended – Henry Frazer for Breathe
Commended – Janna Elzanaty for Grief and Alexander Martin for Sorrow
Sophia Alcalde for The Doors Within People
Ilham Aliye for The Black Muslim Woman
Katrina Danial for Seagull
Celeste Nguyen for Pretty in Purple
Isabel Wilson for Merry Bad