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The 2019 Ada Cambridge Writing Prize shortlisted entrants

For the first time in the writing prize’s history submissions in the prose and poetry categories were open to all Victorian writers. As a result, we received an incredible amount of high-quality entries which provided the shortlisting readers and judges with a difficult task of choosing the top ten.

Join us at the Adas presentation on Saturday 15 June 12 noon in the Hub, where Carmel Bird will announce the winners. Entry is free.

We are pleased to announce this year’s short listed entries for the Ada Cambridge Writing Prizes.

The Ada Cambridge Biographical Prose Prize Shortlist 2019

Stephen Andrew                     See My Baby Jive

Isobel Blackthorn                    Nothing to Declare

Emily Clements                       The Brood

Rachel Flynn                           The Deep End

David Francis                          A Journey of the Hands

Jacqui McCallum                    Ukubona (meaning – to see)

Helene Richards                     Mistaken Identity

S.P. Robin                               Tubi

Stephen Yolland                     Scarlet Nights

Mark Smith                             The Accumulation of Small Wounds


The Ada Cambridge Poetry Prize Shortlist 2019

David Burke                            rust

Eva Collins                              You ate my jumper today

Emilie Collyer                          old blood

Laura Hernandez                    Pink Blood

Sophie Juratowitch                 lyrebirds

Simone King                           Maya

Kristen Roberts                       Vancouver Bird-Storm

Richenda Rudman                  On Every Land Mass

Jean Thornton                         Aftermath

Kim Waters                             Waiting for Bluebeard


The Young Adas Short Story Prize Shortlist 2019

Milad Abdulmasyah                Another Chance

Yasmin Ahmed                       The Flower that Withers in Surrender to its Thirst

Ilham Aliye                              The Art of Being ‘Fine’

Leah Alleblas                          The Plug

Tyler Butler                             The Willhelm Fiction

Katrina Danial                         We Same

Prabhas Grandhi                    Stranded

Connor Lemke                        Meetings at the Crossroads

Sara Oliver                              Tattoos

Olivia Spiteri                            The Glow