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Willy Lit Fest 2019 – Workshops

Choosing your own adventure in life can sometimes mean stepping outside of what we know and trying something brand new. Willy Lit Fest has become a gateway to knowledge and community, providing workshops designed to foster the writers, publishers and creatives among us. We have four fascinating workshops designed to send you exploring!

Climb inside the crime-writing genre in the workshop – Choose your own Felon. Best-selling author Vikki Petraitis, offers plenty of practical tips and exercises to get your crime writing ideas flowing. Activities and discussions will include: how to create a compelling detective, how to plot for maximum impact, where to set your story, and how to choose a crime that matters.

Stephen King says of writing, “What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” Writing courses make a great starting point, but what more does a writer need to know? Join Lucia Nardo and Enza Gandolfo for a lively and informative discussion about courses, groups, competitions and publishing, in the free workshop – Pathways to Publishing.

In the workshop – Indie Publishing in a Digital World – Debbie Lee from IngramSpark breaks down the pros and cons of self-publishing, vanity presses, and mainstream publishing. Join Debbie, as she compares each of the different publishing options, as well as the process to self-publication. The conversation will cover print-on-demand (POD) versus offset printing, book marketing, global distribution, and more.

For young writers 8 to 12 don’t miss The Hero Went Thataway – 100 Story Building – Write Your Own Adventure.
Ever wondered what would happen if a character in a book went through a different door? Or jumped out of the window? Or just turned around and walked away? Learn to use ‘branching’ storylines that video games rely on to create a many-ended story were the reader chooses which path the character takes. Writers explore world design, character development and decision-making in this story-making workshop.

Be guided by industry experts and develop skills to set you on a creative path towards success. Book your early bird tickets now! Take me to the workshops.