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Out of the Shadows:True Crime Comes of Age

Get a taste of the 2019 Williamstown Literary Festival – The ‘anti true-crime podcast’ with Claire Halliday. Claire Halliday, journalist and author, talks to Tara Mitchell, Sisters in Crime National Convenor, about her new podcast and upcoming True Crime Panel at the Williamstown Literary Festival, Saturday June 15.

True crime has exploded in popularity recently. What’s your take on the reasons why?
I actually find it quite disturbing, particularly the salacious posts I’ve seen online worshipping serial killers as though they’re pop stars. I think people have lost empathy with the victims because of that and forgotten they’re talking about real people. Netflix documentaries glorify crime and don’t focus on the fact that lives have been shattered because of murder and violence. It’s all treated as fodder for entertainment and I want to shift the focus away from that. Read the entire interview at Sisters in Crime Australia.

Join our think tank of criminal minds when Vikki Petraitis grills Claire Halliday, Helen Thomas and Liz Porter discuss Out of the Shadows:True Crime Comes of Age. Tickets.