Willy Lit Fest 2020 Vision – bringing our festival community together online

We do not know what 2021 holds as far returning to the delightful climes of the Williamstown Town Hall and we will no doubt be spending some time determining just how we will curate our festival going forward. What we do know is with your participation and with the generous support of Creative Cities Hobsons Bay, we have set a benchmark for ourselves and look toward building on this platform until we can all safely go back to the living well.

My thanks to the festival Committee for their ongoing commitment to making this literary festival a meaningful and worthy proposition. At a time when we seem to be facing unprecedented disdain from the bean counters for language, literature, for history and for art, what better way to stay the course than to reply in kind and keep the conversation going.

As you can imagine the wheels of an organism like this only spin by the work of the diligent, and the very busy and none busier than Executive Officer Anna Brasier who managed so deftly to keep the threads together. My deep and heartfelt thanks.

Stella Kinsella

Willy Lit Fest, Program Director

2020 Vision online

Death of a a Typographer

Author Nick Gadd in conversation with Dr Chris Ringrose about how he became interested in type, why type matters, and the connections between fonts and fiction. See session information.

Eight Lives: A burden of proof

Eight Lives launches at a watershed moment for drug trials. Dr Susan Hurley talks with Festival Director Stella Kinsella about her long career in medical research, her understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and her insight into the race to cure COVID-19. See session information.

The Golden Country – An intriguing discussion between Tim Watts and Jonathon Marsden gave us a fascinating insight into Tim’s family ancestry and we learned how the past intertwined with Chinese/Australian history. See session information.


View from the street, the second session of our inaugural 2020 Vision Online Program. On the Street exploring geographies of love, loss, betrayal and new knowledge in a city beloved. Flaneurs Michelle Finke, Rijn Collins and Thuy On with moderator Sarah Fraser will explore the creative thinking behind each piece.  Get inspired to start telling your own local stories. See session information.

Tapping the Zeitgeist

Authors: Alice Robinson, Kate Mildenhall and Angela Savage.

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