WLF 2019 Choose Your Own Adventure

The 16th Williamstown Literary Festival takes a bold new step into unknown territory. Moving beyond the comfort zone, we challenge our status quo, make our own luck, we choose our own adventure. In 2019 we’ll be hosting robust discussions asking how we are travelling as a nation, what is the heart of the matter, whom do we trust? Amid a cloud of fake news and opinion as fact we will seek the truth and get to the nub. 2019 offers some of the brightest titles publishing has seen in Australia for many years. Voices are rising amid the clamour to define and clarify meaning and matter from intimation and inference.

We will host and celebrate these voices in politics, the media, from screen to page, from true crime fetishism to real life drama, love, romance, survivors and champions, the young adults and the younger still; from across the country alongside the best of the west. It’s time to choose your adventure. Who will you follow? In 2019 we are delighted to announce veteran journalist and ABC stalwart Kerry O’Brien will headline the program along with our very own Andy Griffiths and the return of the beloved Stereo Stories.

Stella Kinsella is Program Director of the 2019 Willy Lit Fest.