The Adas Shortlist 2022


The Ada Cambridge Biographical Prose Prize (Judges: Elisabeth Grove & Helen Jarvis)

First prize: ‘All Words Have a History’ by Cynthia Troup ($500 AV Jennings)

Runner up: ‘Grace’ by Anna Hotta

Highly commended: ‘Old Friends ‘by Sean Walshe

Commended: ‘The Wave’ by Dominique Hecq

Commended: ‘Caroline Liardet’ by Dave Witty

Shortlisted: ‘Living in Childscale’ by Andrea Campbell

Shortlisted: ‘Swimming’ by Catherine Edwards

Shortlisted: ‘A Bold Lip’ by Jean Flynn

Shortlisted: ‘Dusting Myself Off’ by Debi Hamilton

Shortlisted: ‘The Orange’ by Saraid Taylor


The Ada Cambridge Poetry Prize (Judges: Kevin Brophy & Helen Cerne)

First prize: ‘Shearwaters Returning’ by David Francis ($500 AV Jennings)

Runner up: ‘In Praise of Habit’ by Carolyn Masel

Highly commended: ‘New Dawn’ by Joanne Fairclough

Highly commended: ‘Camouflage’ by Richenda Rudman

Commended: ‘Phone Call’ by Kat Buttigieg

Commended: ‘Ode to Intrusive Thought’ by Simone King

Commended: ‘When We Were First Year Apprentices’ by Carl Walsh

Shortlisted: ‘COVID Games’ by David Francis

Shortlisted: ‘Return to Tallow Creek’ by Simone King

Shortlisted: ‘Yellow Wheatfields, Blue Sky, Black Smoke’ by Lidia Ostepeev

Shortlisted: ‘Plastic Flowers’ by Sarah Stivens

The Young Adas Short Story Prize (Judge: Chris Ringrose)

First Prize: ‘Elegy: An Ode to Lost Stars’ by Eve Bugeja ($250 Documents on Call)

Runner Up: ‘Heart’s Desire’ by Siya Gauri Singh

Highly commended: ‘Forever in Solitude’ by Farha Mohamed Fahim

Highly commended: ‘A Coming of Age (In Colour)’ by Joann Manoj Jacob

Commended: ‘The Birds from Yesterday’ by Charlize Miranda

Commended: ‘How to Bake a Cake’ by Crislin Rosete

Shortlisted: ‘Arrival’ by Alan Basman

Shortlisted: ‘Birthday Cake’ by Alex Eagles

Shortlisted: ‘Her’ by Naomi Kiyaga

Shortlisted: ‘What Does a Rose Mean?’ by Sophie Parnham