People’s Choice Awards – 2020 winners

The People’s Choice Awards is an event that allows you to express your words to a welcoming audience and have a bit of fun along the way.


Winner: Leigh Bell – A Shite Friday Night

About Leigh:

Leigh ticked an item off her bucket list last year at the Willy Lit Fest by reading a poem aloud for the first time. To her surprise she didn’t actually die of fright – in fact, she enjoyed the experience – so she came back again.


Runner-up: Alison Bonner – All Season Days

About Alison:

Alison was born and raised in country Victoria; in the beautiful lakeside city of Colac.  She currently lives in Melbourne with her husband and their 3 spoilt cats!
Alison’s poems have been published in the W.A. Poet’s Inc 2019 anthology “Brushstrokes”, The Colac Herald newspaper.


Winner: JC Clapham  – A whitewashed canvas

About JC:

Freelance writer, storyteller, comedian, mental health champ.
Father. Son. Brother. Aspiring friend.
Bulldog and greyhound owner.
Newport resident.

Runner up: Selin Munoz – The Nightmare Cycle

About Selin:

Selin is a year 11 student from Delahey . She enjoys writing narratives and poems, reading novels and watching horror related content, specifically revolving around a zombie apocalypse which was what inspired me to write my short story.

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