Surfing Science: Hang Ten at 10

20 Jun 2021
10:00 am -11:30 am
Williamstown Town Hall - Ballroom

Surfing Science: Hang Ten at 10

As if by apparating, the great Dr Karl Kruszelnicki bursts live onto the big screen in the Ballroom at the Williamstown Town Hall, offering answers to all the questions you never expected to ask:

  • Why is sharpening a pencil in space a risky business?
  • What makes a sunset red and not blue?
  • How far would the Earth’s viruses reach if you laid them end to end?
  • Which animal grows an anus every time it needs to poo?

A session for kids, and adults are allowed to join in, too. Why wouldn’t you? With Dr Karl in the house, talking cool things and how to make stuff.

This is a big post-COVID event for everyone. Get a selfie with Dr Karl and find out how to surf through science.

Limited capacity.

Sunday 20 June at 10.00am

The Ballroom, Williamstown Town Hall,
104 Ferguson Street, Williamstown

Children – $10 (Children must be accompanied by an adult. Adults must also book a ticket to this session at $0.)

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