Chunxiao Qu

Chunxiao Qu


Chunxiao Qu is a Chinese-born artist and poet living and working in Melbourne, Australia. Her
practice is largely focussed on language, spanning various mediums including poetry writing, installation,
sculpture, painting, and print-making.

In recent years Chunxiao Qu has worked consistently with LED neon lighting to present her
poetry; the ambiance of the lighting dovetails with the self-reflectivity of the writing itself. Qu’s work
explores the flexibility and contradictions of language in attempts to posit questions and test truisms on
contemporary precarity and beauty.

Chunxiao Qu has published two poetry collections: ‘This poetry book is too good to have a name
& Logic Poetry’ (Discipline, 2022) and ‘Popcorn, Porn of Poetry’ (no more poetry, 2021).

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no more poetry Salon

07 Jun 2023
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Louis Joel Arts Centre