David Nunan

David Nunan


Emeritus Professor David Nunan has been a teacher and writer for over 50 years. He writes about languages and how they can most effectively be taught using what we know about the nature of the learning process. One of his interests is young language learners, whether first, second, or multilanguage learners and users. On frequent trips to Melbourne from his home in Hong Kong, he learned about the work being done by Kids’ Own Publishing and became involved in the bookmaking collaboration between the publisher and ViệtSpeak, a community-based advocacy organisation that supports the preservation of Vietnamese language and culture in Melbourne’s west. He is interested in learning more about the possibilities of community collaborations between parents, children, artists, community organizations and university researchers to sustain their language and cultural practices in Australia.

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For Kids: Translanguaging

16 Jun 2024
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
The Gallery, Williamstown Library