Emily Gale


Emily Gale grew up in London, where the most common backyard birds are pigeons, robins, magpies, blackbirds and sparrows. As a child she was more of a dog-person, sharing her bed most nights with a fiercely protective dachshund named Ted.
In 2008 Emily migrated to Australia, where she continued to be a dog-person (Charlie, a labradoodle), gradually became a cat-person (Harry, the tabby, and Tinsel, a tortoiseshell) and more recently became fascinated by Australian wildlife. She lives near a part of the Yarra River in Melbourne where well over 100 different species of birds have been identified. (She regrets to say that she has not yet seen them all, but is working on it.)
Emily writes for children and teenagers. Her junior fiction character, Eliza Boom, is about a young inventor and has been translated into many different languages. Her YA novels have been shortlisted for several awards, including

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STEM Stars

20 Jun 2021
12.30 -1:30 pm
Williamstown Town Hall - Supper Room