Vikki Petraitis

Vikki Petraitis


Vikki Petraitis has been writing since the early 1990s and her best-selling book about serial killer Paul Denyer, The Frankston Murders: 25 years on, was re-released in 2018 to mark the anniversary. She is celebrating her writing milestone with a new book, Inside the Law: 25 years of Crime Writing where she takes the reader through a behind-the-scenes tour of the world of the true crime author and shares her insights and her most famous stories. Vikki is a popular speaker and presenter. She runs workshops and writing courses for students of all ages, and her author presentations are sought after by both readers and her fan-base of true crime podcast enthusiasts. She has been a guest-host on four episodes of the hugely popular Australian True Crime podcast. Vikki regularly appears on panels and at comic debates. She is currently working on her PhD in Creative Writing and using her vast knowledge of real crime to write her first crime novel.

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