Previous Winners


The Adas Previous Winners

2020 Biographical Prose Winner Sapling Suzi Mezei
Poetry Winner Survival John Bartlett
Young Adas Short Story Winner Only If You Can Imagine It So Elizabeth Fritsche
2019 Biographical Prose Winner A Journey of the Hands David Francis
Poetry Winner Vancouver Bird Storm Kristen Roberts
Young Adas Short Story Winner The Art of Being ‘Fine’ Katrina Danial
2018 Biographical Prose Winner Queen of Hearts Anne Richardson
Poetry Winner New Year in Esperance Helen Bradwell
Young Adas Short Story Winner Lina Catherine Ta
2017 Biographical Prose Winner All The Wrong Things Fikret Pajalic
Poetry Winner There Were Limits Edward Reilly
Young Adas Short Story Winner Freedom Keely Brown
2016 Biographical Prose Winner The Line Rose Damon
Poetry Winner My Mother’s Mother Bea Jones
Young Adas Short Story Winner I’m Not Enough Mikayla Barnes
Young Adas Graphic Short Story Winner Defector Hudson Jones
2015 Biographical Prose Winner The Journey Home Adam Deverell
Poetry Winner Lodger Suzi Mezei
Young Adas Short Story Winner Tranquillo Amelia Dunstone
Young Adas Graphic Short Story Winner The Great Eggscape Anhkim Tran
2014 Biographical Prose Winner Pigeon Coup Natalie Fraser
Winner Fly Anneliese Poelsma
Poetry Winner At What Distance Does It Stop Alan Keisall
2013 Biographical Prose Winner The Other Ah-Por Silk Chen
Poetry Winner Nothing Here Needs Fixing Maxine Beneba Clarke
2012 Biographical Prose Winner Davy Helen Bradwell
Poetry Winner The Summer They Were Fragile Rafael S.W
2011 Biographical Prose Joint winner Things We Don’t Talk About Lucia Nardo
Joint winner Shades of Grey Fikret pajalic
Poetry Winner Yasi Amanda Anastasi
2010 Biographical Prose Winner Winter’s Sleep Sally Nansen
  Poetry Winner unknown Amanda Anastasi
2009 Biographical Prose Joint winner 1984 Jackie Kerin
Joint winner Broken Light Simonne Michelle-Wells
2008 Biographical Prose Joint winner Shame Patsy Rea
Joint winner Nightfall in Berlin Anneliese Rosenmayer
Poetry Joint winner Jungle Menu Vera Di Campli
Joint winner Trinity San Vito
2007 Biographical Prose Joint winner Cow Down Patsy Rea
Joint winner Funeral Procession Through A Cornfield Chloe Wilson
2006 Biographical Prose Winner The Backwater Annette Signori
2005 Biographical Prose Winner With These Hands Sherryl Clark