People’s Choice Awards

People’s Choice Awards

Something magical happens when stories and poems are read aloud. The spoken word brings them to life.

Local writers from the western suburbs read a piece of poetry or prose (no longer than four minutes) which they have written. At the end, the audience votes on whose work they enjoyed the most — who is the most interesting/ entertaining/ talented? There is a prize of wine for the top-rated entry in each section – poetry and prose. And of course the award of the title.

The first Willy Lit Fest started with it, and it has become a much-loved feature of the festival.

You can opt for the prose or poetry sections – there is a prize of wine for each, as well as runners-up prizes. Whether your reading style is hyper-active or cool and reflective (or somewhere in between), and whether or not you’ve read in public before, we’d love to hear from you.

We’ve showcased a wonderful line-up of writing talent over the years. Many presenters, like Jackie Kerin got their start at People’s Choice. Jackie once read a poem which was later published as a picture book, Phar Lap the Wonder Horse! This could be your four minutes of fame. (In fairness to other readers please limit your reading to 4 minutes.)