Leigh Hay

Leigh Hay


Leigh Hay is a freelance writer, editor and published poet. The author of nine books, Leigh hosts Tales from the Treehouse, a boutique writers’ cooperative to promote the works of Australian authors and poets. Leigh has written librettos for When the Bugle Calls (composer Nicholas Buc), Overschie (composer Joe Chindamo), and co-written the libretto for Origins of the Universe, of Life, of Species and of Mankind (composer Nicholas Buc). Leigh is editor of The Lawsonian, member magazine of the Henry Lawson Memorial & Literary Society, co-compiler of Beyond Lawson – A collection of contemporary poems inspired by the works of Henry Lawson, and A Lawson Legacy – A brief chronological history of the Henry Lawson Memorial and Literary Society (1923-2023).

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Book Launch: Beyond Lawson

17 Jun 2023
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Meeting Room One